ILGPU  0.3
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CArrayViewRepresents a generic view to an n-dimensional array on an accelerator.
 CCompilationContextRepresents a single compilation context. It stores information about all methods that are currently being processed.
 CCompileUnitRepresents a single compile unit (a bunch of compiled functions).
 CContextRepresents the main ILGPU context.
 CGroupedIndexRepresents a grouped thread 1D index.
 CGroupedIndex2Represents a grouped thread 2D index.
 CGroupedIndex3Represents a grouped thread 3D index.
 CIGenericIndexRepresents a generic index type.
 CIGroupedIndexRepresents a grouped-index type.
 CIIndexRepresents a basic index type.
 CIIntrinsicIndexRepresents an intrinsic index type.
 CIndexRepresents a 1D index.
 CIndex2Represents a 2D index.
 CIndex3Represents a 3D index.
 CMethodRepresents a method that was compiled to LLVM.
 CSharedMemoryAttributeMarks parameters as shared-memory variables.
 CVariableViewRepresents a general view to a variable at a specific address on a gpu.