ILGPU  0.7.1
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CArrayViewRepresents a generic view to a contiguous chunk of memory.
 CContextRepresents the main ILGPU context.
 CContextCodeGenerationPhaseA single code generation phase.
 CGroupedIndexRepresents a grouped thread 1D index.
 CGroupedIndex2Represents a grouped thread 2D index.
 CGroupedIndex3Represents a grouped thread 3D index.
 CIArrayViewRepresents an abstract array view.
 CICacheRepresents an object that contains internal caches.
 CIGenericIndexRepresents a generic index type.
 CIGroupedIndexRepresents a grouped-index type.
 CIIndexRepresents a basic index type.
 CIIntrinsicIndexRepresents an intrinsic index type.
 CIndexRepresents a 1D index.
 CIndex2Represents a 2D index.
 CIndex3Represents a 3D index.
 CIntrinsicMathRepresents basic intrinsic math helpers for general math operations that are supported on the CPU and the GPU.
 CInvalidKernelOperationExceptionAn exception that is thrown when an ILGPU kernel method is called from the managed CPU side instead of a kernel.
 CKernelConfigA single kernel configuration for an explicitly grouped kernel.
 CVariableViewRepresents a general view to a variable.