ILGPU  0.9.0
ILGPU.IR.Types.ITypeNode Interface Reference

An abstract type node. More...

Inheritance diagram for ILGPU.IR.Types.ITypeNode:
ILGPU.IR.INode ILGPU.IR.ILocation ILGPU.IR.IDumpable ILGPU.IR.Types.TypeNode ILGPU.IR.Types.AddressSpaceType ILGPU.IR.Types.HandleType ILGPU.IR.Types.ObjectType ILGPU.IR.Types.PrimitiveType ILGPU.IR.Types.StringType ILGPU.IR.Types.VoidType ILGPU.IR.Types.PointerType ILGPU.IR.Types.ViewType ILGPU.IR.Types.ArrayType ILGPU.IR.Types.StructureType


Type ManagedType [get]
 The type representation in the managed world. More...
- Properties inherited from ILGPU.IR.INode
NodeId Id [get]
 Returns the unique node id. More...
Location Location [get]
 Returns the associated location. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from ILGPU.IR.ILocation
string FormatErrorMessage (string message)
 Formats an error message to include specific location information. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ILGPU.IR.IDumpable
void Dump (TextWriter textWriter)
 Dumps this object to the given text writer. More...

Detailed Description

An abstract type node.

Property Documentation

Type ILGPU.IR.Types.ITypeNode.ManagedType

The type representation in the managed world.

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