ILGPU  0.9.0
ILGPU.Backends.IL.ILEmitter Struct Reference

A default IL emitter. More...

Inheritance diagram for ILGPU.Backends.IL.ILEmitter:

Public Member Functions

 ILEmitter (ILGenerator generator)
 Constructs a new IL emitter. More...
ILLocal DeclareLocal (Type type)
ILLabel DeclareLabel ()
void MarkLabel (ILLabel label)
void Emit (LocalOperation operation, ILLocal local)
void Emit (ArgumentOperation operation, int argumentIndex)
void EmitCall (MethodInfo target)
void EmitNewObject (ConstructorInfo info)
void Emit (OpCode opCode)
void Emit (OpCode opCode, ILLabel label)
void Emit (OpCode opCode, Type type)
void Emit (OpCode opCode, FieldInfo field)
void EmitAlloca (int size)
void EmitConstant (string constant)
void EmitConstant (int constant)
void EmitConstant (long constant)
void EmitConstant (float constant)
void EmitConstant (double constant)
void EmitSwitch (params ILLabel[] labels)
void Finish ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ILGPU.Backends.IL.IILEmitter
void EmitSwitch (ILLabel[] labels)
 Emits a switch instruction. More...


ILGenerator Generator [get]
 Returns the underlying generator. More...

Detailed Description

A default IL emitter.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ILGPU.Backends.IL.ILEmitter.ILEmitter ( ILGenerator  generator)

Constructs a new IL emitter.

generatorThe associated IL generator.

Member Function Documentation

ILLabel ILGPU.Backends.IL.ILEmitter.DeclareLabel ( )
ILLocal ILGPU.Backends.IL.ILEmitter.DeclareLocal ( Type  type)
void ILGPU.Backends.IL.ILEmitter.Emit ( LocalOperation  operation,
ILLocal  local 
void ILGPU.Backends.IL.ILEmitter.Emit ( ArgumentOperation  operation,
int  argumentIndex 
void ILGPU.Backends.IL.ILEmitter.Emit ( OpCode  opCode)
void ILGPU.Backends.IL.ILEmitter.Emit ( OpCode  opCode,
ILLabel  label 
void ILGPU.Backends.IL.ILEmitter.Emit ( OpCode  opCode,
Type  type 
void ILGPU.Backends.IL.ILEmitter.Emit ( OpCode  opCode,
FieldInfo  field 
void ILGPU.Backends.IL.ILEmitter.EmitAlloca ( int  size)
void ILGPU.Backends.IL.ILEmitter.EmitCall ( MethodInfo  target)
void ILGPU.Backends.IL.ILEmitter.EmitConstant ( string  constant)
void ILGPU.Backends.IL.ILEmitter.EmitConstant ( int  constant)
void ILGPU.Backends.IL.ILEmitter.EmitConstant ( long  constant)
void ILGPU.Backends.IL.ILEmitter.EmitConstant ( float  constant)
void ILGPU.Backends.IL.ILEmitter.EmitConstant ( double  constant)
void ILGPU.Backends.IL.ILEmitter.EmitNewObject ( ConstructorInfo  info)
void ILGPU.Backends.IL.ILEmitter.EmitSwitch ( params ILLabel[]  labels)

void ILGPU.Backends.IL.ILEmitter.Finish ( )
void ILGPU.Backends.IL.ILEmitter.MarkLabel ( ILLabel  label)

Property Documentation

ILGenerator ILGPU.Backends.IL.ILEmitter.Generator

Returns the underlying generator.

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