ILGPU  0.9.0
ILGPU.IR.Analyses.Allocas Class Reference

Implements an alloca analysis to resolve information about alloca nodes. More...

Public Member Functions

 Allocas (in AllocaKindInformation localAllocations, in AllocaKindInformation sharedAllocations, in AllocaKindInformation dynamicSharedAllocations)
 Constructs a new analysis. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static Allocas Create< TOrder, TDirection > (in BasicBlockCollection< TOrder, TDirection > collection)
 Creates an alloca analysis. More...

Public Attributes

int LocalMemorySize => LocalAllocations.TotalSize
 Returns the total local memory size in bytes. More...
int SharedMemorySize => SharedAllocations.TotalSize
 Returns the total shared memory size in bytes. More...


AllocaKindInformation LocalAllocations [get]
 Returns all location allocations. More...
AllocaKindInformation SharedAllocations [get]
 Returns all shared allocations. More...
AllocaKindInformation DynamicSharedAllocations [get]
 Returns all dynamic shared allocations. More...

Detailed Description

Implements an alloca analysis to resolve information about alloca nodes.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ILGPU.IR.Analyses.Allocas.Allocas ( in AllocaKindInformation  localAllocations,
in AllocaKindInformation  sharedAllocations,
in AllocaKindInformation  dynamicSharedAllocations 

Constructs a new analysis.

Member Function Documentation

static Allocas ILGPU.IR.Analyses.Allocas.Create< TOrder, TDirection > ( in BasicBlockCollection< TOrder, TDirection >  collection)

Creates an alloca analysis.

Template Parameters
TOrderThe traversal order.
TDirectionThe control-flow direction.
collectionThe block collection.
Type Constraints
TOrder :struct 
TOrder :ITraversalOrder 
TDirection :struct 
TDirection :IControlFlowDirection 

Member Data Documentation

int ILGPU.IR.Analyses.Allocas.LocalMemorySize => LocalAllocations.TotalSize

Returns the total local memory size in bytes.

int ILGPU.IR.Analyses.Allocas.SharedMemorySize => SharedAllocations.TotalSize

Returns the total shared memory size in bytes.

Property Documentation

AllocaKindInformation ILGPU.IR.Analyses.Allocas.DynamicSharedAllocations

Returns all dynamic shared allocations.

AllocaKindInformation ILGPU.IR.Analyses.Allocas.LocalAllocations

Returns all location allocations.

AllocaKindInformation ILGPU.IR.Analyses.Allocas.SharedAllocations

Returns all shared allocations.

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