ILGPU  0.9.0
ILGPU.IR.Rewriting.Rewriter< TContext, TContextProvider, TContextData, T > Class Template Reference

A rewriter class to rewrite IR nodes. More...


struct  DynamicProcessor
 An adapter to use a dynamic rewriter instance. More...
interface  IProcessor
 A processor that can be applied to every value. More...
struct  RewriterProcess
 Encapsulates a static rewriting step. More...
struct  StaticProcessor
 An adapter to use a static rewriter instance. More...

Detailed Description

A rewriter class to rewrite IR nodes.

Template Parameters
TContextThe rewriter context type.
TContextProviderThe provider type for new context providers.
TContextDataThe context specific data to build new rewriter contexts.
TThe user-defined data type.
Type Constraints
TContext :struct 
TContext :IRewriterContext 
TContextProvider :struct 
TContextProvider :IRewriterContextProvider 
TContextProvider :TContext 
TContextProvider :TContextData 

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