ILGPU  0.9.0
ILGPU.IR.Rewriting.RewriterContextProvider< T > Struct Template Reference

Provides RewriterContext instances. More...

Inheritance diagram for ILGPU.IR.Rewriting.RewriterContextProvider< T >:
ILGPU.IR.Rewriting.IRewriterContextProvider< RewriterContext, T >

Public Member Functions

RewriterContext CreateContext (BasicBlock.Builder builder, HashSet< Value > converted, T _)
 Creates a new RewriterContext. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ILGPU.IR.Rewriting.IRewriterContextProvider< RewriterContext, T >
TContext CreateContext (BasicBlock.Builder builder, HashSet< Value > converted, T data)
 Creates a new rewriter context. More...

Detailed Description

Provides RewriterContext instances.

Template Parameters
TThe custom data type.

Member Function Documentation

RewriterContext ILGPU.IR.Rewriting.RewriterContextProvider< T >.CreateContext ( BasicBlock.Builder  builder,
HashSet< Value converted,

Creates a new RewriterContext.

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