ILGPU  0.9.0
ILGPU.IR.Location Class Referenceabstract

An abstract source location. More...

Inheritance diagram for ILGPU.IR.Location:
ILGPU.IR.ILocation ILGPU.IR.FileLocation ILGPU.IR.Method.MethodLocation ILGPU.Frontend.DebugInformation.SequencePoint

Public Member Functions

abstract string FormatErrorMessage (string message)
 Formats an error message to include specific location information. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static Location Merge (Location start, Location end)
 Merges two locations into one. More...

Public Attributes

bool IsKnown => this != Unknown
 Returns true if this location is a known location. More...


static Location Unknown [get]
 Represents an unknown location. More...
static Location Nowhere = new UnknownLocation() [get]
 Represents no location. More...

Detailed Description

An abstract source location.

Member Function Documentation

abstract string ILGPU.IR.Location.FormatErrorMessage ( string  message)
pure virtual

Formats an error message to include specific location information.

messageThe source error message.
The formatted error message.

Implements ILGPU.IR.ILocation.

Implemented in ILGPU.IR.Method.MethodLocation, and ILGPU.IR.FileLocation.

static Location ILGPU.IR.Location.Merge ( Location  start,
Location  end 

Merges two locations into one.

startThe start location.
endThe end location.
The merged location.

Member Data Documentation

bool ILGPU.IR.Location.IsKnown => this != Unknown

Returns true if this location is a known location.

Property Documentation

Location ILGPU.IR.Location.Nowhere = new UnknownLocation()

Represents no location.

Location ILGPU.IR.Location.Unknown

Represents an unknown location.

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