ILGPU  0.9.0
ILGPU.IR.Construction.IRRebuilder.IMode Interface Reference

An abstract rebuilder mode. More...

Inheritance diagram for ILGPU.IR.Construction.IRRebuilder.IMode:
ILGPU.IR.Construction.IRRebuilder.CloneMode ILGPU.IR.Construction.IRRebuilder.InlineMode

Public Member Functions

void InitMapping (Method.Builder builder, in BlockCollection blocks, ref BasicBlockMap< BasicBlock.Builder > mapping)
 Initializes a new block mapping. More...

Detailed Description

An abstract rebuilder mode.

Member Function Documentation

void ILGPU.IR.Construction.IRRebuilder.IMode.InitMapping ( Method.Builder  builder,
in BlockCollection  blocks,
ref BasicBlockMap< BasicBlock.Builder mapping 

Initializes a new block mapping.

builderThe parent builder.
blocksThe block collection.
mappingThe mapping to initialize.

Implemented in ILGPU.IR.Construction.IRRebuilder.InlineMode, and ILGPU.IR.Construction.IRRebuilder.CloneMode.

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